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Hello! Welcome to Mahoney Limited. I'm so glad you dropped by. If you're looking for natural, healthy products for your home and your body, please stay awhile and take a look around. All of my products are handmade in beautiful Castle Rock, CO. I use natural and organic ingredients and packaging. Everything is packaged in either compostable or recyclable packaging--even the labels. 

Soap bars are approximately 4 oz., but as they are hand made and cut, the size and colors will vary from bar to bar. This is part of the beauty of natural soap!

Lotions and body butters are made with pure oils and a mild, natural preservative for longer shelf life. Still, please keep them away from extreme temperatures and use within 6 months.

Lip balms use only natural ingredients and no artificial hardeners, which is fantastic for your body, but does not do well in hot vehicles (possible melted mess). Please keep away from extreme temperatures.

Teressa Mahoney, Owner